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Album: Our Bright Future - 2008
New Songs - Tracy Chapman : Our Bright Future
A Theory
For A Dream
I Did It All
Our Bright Future
Save Us All
Sing For You
Something To See
The First Person On Earth
Thinking Of You
Album: Where You Live - 2005
New Songs - Tracy Chapman : Where You Live
3,000 Miles
Be And Be Not Afraid
Before Easter
Don't Dwell
Going Back
Loose Your Love
Love's Proof
Never Yours
Talk To You
Album: Let It Rain - 2002
New Songs - Tracy Chapman : Let It Rain
Another Sun
Hard Wired
I Am Yours
In The Dark
Let It Rain
Over In Love
Say Hallelujah
You're The One
Album: Telling Stories - 2000
New Songs - Tracy Chapman : Telling Stories
First Try
It's Ok
Less Than Strangers
Nothing Yet
Paper And Ink
Speak The Word
Telling Stories
The Only One
Unsung Psalm
Wedding Song
Album: New Beginning - 1995
New Songs - Tracy Chapman : New Beginning
At This Point in My Life
Cold Feet
Give Me One Reason
Heaven's Here on Earth
I'm Ready
New Beginning
Remember The Tinman
Save a Place for Me
Smoke And Ashes
Tell It Like It Is
The Promise
The Rape of The World
Album: Matters of The Heart - 1992
New Songs - Tracy Chapman : Matters of The Heart
Bang Bang Bang
Dreaming on a World
I Used to Be a Sailor
If These Are The Things
Matters of The Heart
Open Arms
Short Supply
The Love That You Had
Woman's Work
Album: Crossroads - 1989
New Songs - Tracy Chapman : Crossroads
A Hundred Years
All That You Have is Your Soul
Be Careful of My Heart
Born to Fight
Freedom Now
Material World
This Time
Album: Tracy Chapman - 1988
New Songs - Tracy Chapman : Tracy Chapman
Across The Lines
Baby Can I Hold You
Behind The Wall
Fast Car
For My Lover
For You
If Not Now...
Mountains O' Things
She's Got Her Ticket
Talkin' Bout a Revolution

Other songs
House of The Rising Sun
O Holy Night
Sweet One
The Times They Are a Changing
Three Little Birds

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