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No Time For Later Lyrics
There's no time for later my lost and lonely friend
You were the instigator of your destruction and descent
There's beauty in disaster but it's hard to see from here
It might take just a little more time or just a few more beer

Hey joe, it's time to hit the road, it's time to go
Let's go your moving way too slow this ain't no joke
You're slow, get your hat and grab your coat
It's time to go, lets go, it's time to hit the road!
There's no time for later

You lost your mind; you lost your head,
You told off all your friends
Now you're living on my couch
And this affair has got to end
You overstayed your welcome here
You made an ugly mess
You brought me down to where you're at
And it's making me depressed


And I don't want you here anymore
Get your shit off of my floor
Here's your hat and there's the door



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