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Album: Hope & Ruin - 2011
New Songs - The Trews : Hope & Ruin
Dreaming Man
Hope & Ruin
I'll Find Someone Who Will
If You Wanna Start Again
Love Is The Real Thing
Misery Loves Company
One By One
People Of The Deer
Stay With Me
The World, I Know
You Gotta Let Me In
Album: No Time For Later - 2008
New Songs - The Trews : No Time For Later
Be Love
Burning Wheels
Dark Highway
End Of The Line
Gun Control
Hold Me In Your Arms
I Can't Stop Laughing
I Feel The Rain
Man Of Two Minds
No Time For Later
Ocean's End
Paranoid Freak
Will You Wash Away
Album: Den Of Theives - 2005
New Songs - The Trews : Den Of Theives
Ana & Mia
Fire Up Ahead
Got Myself To Blame
I Can't Say
Ishmael & Maggie
Makin' Sunshine
Montebello Park
Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
So She's Leaving
The Pearl (More Than Everything)
The Traveling Kind
Album: House Of Ill Fame - 2003
New Songs - The Trews : House Of Ill Fame
Black Halo
Every Inambition
Fleeting Trust
Hollis And Morris
Not Ready To Go
Tired Of Waiting
When You Leave
Why Bother
You're So Sober

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