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Album: Good Love (The Pioneer B-Sides) - 2012
New Songs - The Maine : Good Love (The Pioneer B-Sides)
Good Love
Hello World
I Want You
I'm Leaving
Take Me Dancing
You'll Never Know
Album: Pioneer - 2011
New Songs - The Maine : Pioneer
Don't Give Up On Us
I'm Sorry
Like We Did (Windows Down)
My Heroine
Some Days
Thinking Of You
Waiting For My Sun To Shine
When I'm At Home
While Listening To Rock & Roll
Album: Black And White - 2010
New Songs - The Maine : Black And White
Don't Stop Now
Dont Stop Now
Every Road
Fuel To The Fire
Give It To Me
Growing Up
Inside Of You
Listen To Your Heart
Right Girl
Saving Grace
Album: In Darkness And In Light - 2010
New Songs - The Maine : In Darkness And In Light
Book Of Me And You
Growing Up
In Darkness & In Light
Saving Grace
Untangle Me
Washroom Color
Whoever She Is
Album: Can't Stop, Won't Stop - 2008
New Songs - The Maine : Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Count 'em One, Two, Three
Everything I Ask For
Girls Do What They Want
I Must Be Dreaming
Into Your Arms
Kiss And Sell
This Is The End
Time To Go
We All Roll Along
We'll All Be...
Whoever She Is
You Left Me
Album: ...And A Happy New Year - 2008
New Songs - The Maine : ...And A Happy New Year
Ho Ho Hopefully
Last Christmas
Mr. Winter
Santa Stole My Girlfriend
Album: Stay Up, Get Down - 2007
New Songs - The Maine : Stay Up, Get Down
Count 'em One, Two, Three
Count 'em, One, Two, Three
Give Me Anything
Shake It
The Town's Been Talkin'
Undressing The Words
Album: The Way We Talk - 2007
New Songs - The Maine : The Way We Talk
Give Me Anything
I Wanna Love You
If I Only Had The Heart
The Town's Been Talkin'
The Way We Talk
We Change, We Wait

Other songs
Get Ready
I Wanna Love You
Life Like This
Pour Some Sugar On Me

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