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 1. Atif Aslam
 2. Justin Bieber
 3. Taylor Swift
 4. Eminem
 5. Drake
 6. Rihanna
 7. One Direction
 8. Pink
 9. Akon
 10. Pitbull
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Album: Let The Dog Drive Home - 2010
New Songs - Teitur : Let The Dog Drive Home
Betty Hedges
Feel Good
Freight Train
God, I Have So Many Things To Tell You
You Never Leave L.A.
Album: The Singer - 2008
New Songs - Teitur : The Singer
Catherine The Waitress
Don't Let Me Fall In Love With You
Guilt By Association
Legendary Afterparty
Letter From Alex
Start Wasting My Time
The Girl I Don't Know
The Singer
We Still Drink The Same Water
You Should Have Seen Us
Your Great Book
Album: Káta Hornið - 2007
New Songs - Teitur : Káta Hornið
Far Ongantíð Frá Mær
Havnin Er Ein Lítil Bygd
Hugsa Positivt
Káta Hornið
Lat Tárini Falla
Ongir Pengar
Sangir Í Moll
Tú Ert Ein Eingil
Yngra Ættarlið
Album: Stay Under The Stars - 2006
New Songs - Teitur : Stay Under The Stars
All My Mistakes
Boy, She Can Sing
Don't Want You To Wake Up
Great Balls Of Fire
Hidden Track
I Run The Carousel
Louis, Louis
Night Time Works
Thief About To Break In
Umbrellas In The Rain
Waiting For Mars
You Get Me
Album: Poetry & Aeroplanes - 2003
New Songs - Teitur : Poetry & Aeroplanes
Amanda's Dream
I Was Just Thinking
Let's Go Dancing
One And Only
Poetry & Aeroplanes
Rough Around The Edges
Shade Of A Shadow
Sleeping With The Lights On
To Meet You
You're The Ocean

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