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Album: Living Alone - 2010
New Songs - Teddy Geiger : Living Alone
Drink It In
Give It Up
Lie Tonight (WE USed TWO)
Living Alone
Sit And Wonder
What Kind Of Love
Album: TG33 - 2008
New Songs - Teddy Geiger : TG33
Always Out To Get Us
Art On Fire
Better Now
Better Off Alone
Does He Love You
Fast Girl
Get You
Have We Met
I Feel Like Dancing
I Pretend
I Won't Say Anything
I'm Sorry
Let's Go
Money Back
My Ordinary Side
Not So Pretty
Oh No!
Slow Down
Stars And Clouds
Sunshine Fires
Sweeter Than The Truth
The Day That I Met You
The Half
The Only One
Torn Photograph
You Do
You Stole My Heart
You're Gone
Album: The Rocker - 2008
New Songs - Teddy Geiger : The Rocker
Coming Through In Stereo
Great Escape
I’m So Bitter
Living For The First Time
Nothin’ But A Good Time
Tomorrow Never Comes
Too Far
Album: Underage Thinking - 2006
New Songs - Teddy Geiger : Underage Thinking
A Million Years
Air Dry
For You I Will (Confidence)
Look Where We Are Now
Love Is A Marathon
Night Air
Seven Days Without You
These Walls
Thinking Underage
Try Too Hard
Album: Snow Blankets The Night - 2006
New Songs - Teddy Geiger : Snow Blankets The Night
All I Want For Christmas Is You
I Found An Angel
Our Eyes

Other songs
A Poem About Unnecessary Fear
Do You Even Care
Fall Anyway
Talking And Sleepless
The March
The Truth About The Fight
You'll Be In My Heart

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