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Album: The Last Chair Violinist - 2008
New Songs - South Park Mexican : The Last Chair Violinist
A Baby's Prayer
Are We Real
Block Of Rock (For Years)
Bloody War
Dead Pictures
Dope Game
Dope House Mind
Filthy Rich
High Everyday
Hoggin' And Doggin'
I Must Be High
In Hillwood
Jackers In My Home
Mexican Heaven
Strapped & Deadly
The Beach House
The Ghost
The Last Chair Violinist
The System
These Streets
Wizard Of Oz
Woodson N Worthin
Album: When Devils Strike - 2006
New Songs - South Park Mexican : When Devils Strike
At Shetoro's Crib (A Poem)
Blazin Janey
Carolyn's Hook
Dope House Family
Garza West
If I Die
In My Hood
Penitentiary Flow
Real Gangsta
S.P. So Bastardly
Something About Mary
SPM Diaries
The Day Of Unity
When Devils Strike
Album: Reveille Park - 2002
New Songs - South Park Mexican : Reveille Park
Cool Enough
Dallas To Houston
Get Yo Guns
I Need A Sweet
Lord Loco's Melody
Red Beams And Rice
Screwed Up Tape
Suckaz N Hataz
The Beach House
Woodson N Worthin
Album: Never Change - 2001
New Songs - South Park Mexican : Never Change
All Cot Up
Bloody War
Filthy Rich
Habitual Criminal
High Everyday
Hubba Hubba
I Must Be High
Mexican Radio
One of Those Nights
Screens Falling
SPM vs. Los
Stay On Your Grind
The System
Album: The Purity Album - 2000
New Songs - South Park Mexican : The Purity Album
2 Joints
Child of The Ghetto
Cookie Baker
Crazy Lady
Dope Game
Dope House Intro
Follow My Lead
I Am Your Future
I Wanna Know Her Name
Meet Your Fate
Styrofoam Cup
Watch The Block Bleed
We Did Dat
Whatever You Do
You Know My Name
Album: Time Is Money - 2000
New Songs - South Park Mexican : Time Is Money
Anything Goes
Boys On Da Cut
Burn Us Alive
Country Life
Don't Let Them Foolya
He's A Bird, He's A Plane
Hillwood Hustlaz II
My Feria
Oh My My
Ooh Wee
Somethin' I Would Do
Throw Away Gats
Time Is Money
Twice Last Night
You Know My Name (Remix)
Album: 3rd Wish To Rock The World - 1999
New Songs - South Park Mexican : 3rd Wish To Rock The World
3rd Wish
Don't Hide It
High So High
Hillwood Hustlaz
Land of the Lost
Latin Throne
Miss Perfect
Thug Girl
Who's Over There
Album: Hillwood - 1999
New Songs - South Park Mexican : Hillwood
Children Of The Ghetto
Comin' Up Comin' Down
Deep Instrumental
H-Town G-Funk
Album: Hustle Town - 1998
New Songs - South Park Mexican : Hustle Town
Block Of Rock (For Years)
Hustle Town
Night Shift
Riddla on Da Roof
Streets on Beats
Wizard Of Oz
Album: Power Moves - 1998
New Songs - South Park Mexican : Power Moves
El Jugador (The Player)
Forgotten Verse
Ghetto Tales
Illegal Amigos
Peace Pipe
Power Moves
Since Day 1
West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast

Other songs
City Of Dank
Duh Duh Duh
Tex to Cali Part 2
We Ain't Goin' Nowhere

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