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Album: Home - 2003
Home Loan Blues
It's You
Lost Weekend
Money in My Pocket
Positively 4th Street
Something for You
You Make Me Feel Brand New
Album: Love & The Russian Winter - 1999
Ain't That a Lot of Love
Back Into The Universe
Close to You
Man Made The Gun
More Than a Dream
Thank You
The Sky is a Gypsy
The Spirit of Life
The Spirit of Love
Wave The Old World Goodbye
Words for Girlfriends
Your Eyes
Album: Blue - 1998
Air That I Breathe
Air That I Breathe Reprise
Broken Man
Come Get Me Angel
High Fives
Love Has Said Goobye Again
Love Has Said Goodbye Again
Mellow My Mind
Night Nurse
Say You Love Me
Someday in My Life
The Air That I Breathe
To Be Free
Album: Greatest Hits - 1996
A New Flame
For Your Babies
Holding Back The Years
If You Don't Know Me by Now
It's Only Love
Money's Too Tight to Mention
So Beautifui
So Beautiful
Something Got Me Started
The Right Thing
Thrill Me
You've Got It
Album: Life - 1995
Never Never Love
Remembering The First Time
So Beautifui
We're in This Together
You Make Me Believe
Album: Stars - 1991
For Your Babies
How Could I Fall
She's Got It Bad
Something Got Me Started
Thrill Me
Album: New Flame - 1989
A New Flame
If You Don't Know Me by Now
It's Only Love
Love Lays Its Tune
She'll Have to Go
To Be With You
Turn It Up
You've Got It
Album: Men & Women - 1987
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
I Won't Feel Bad
Let Me Have It All
Love Fire
Maybe Someday...
Move on Out
The Right Thing
Album: Picture Book - 1985
Come to My Aid
Holding Back The Years
Look at You Now
Money's Too Tight to Mention
No Direction
Open up The Red Box
Picture Book
Sad Old Red

Other songs
Ghetto Girl
Lady Godiva's Room
Love The Thought

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