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Album: Invisible Empires - 2011
New Songs - Sara Groves : Invisible Empires
Eyes On The Prize
I'll Wait
Open My Hands
Precious Again
Right Now
Scientists In Japan
Without Love
Album: Fireflies And Songs - 2009
New Songs - Sara Groves : Fireflies And Songs
Different Kinds Of Happy
Eyes Wide Open
Fireflies And Songs
From This One Place
It's Me
Joy Is In Our Hearts
Like A Lake
Setting Up The Pins
This House
Twice As Good
Album: Tell Me What You Know - 2007
New Songs - Sara Groves : Tell Me What You Know
I Saw What I Saw
In The Girl There's A Room
It Might Be Hope
Love Is Still A Worthy Cause
Say A Prayer
Song For My Sons
The Long Defeat
When The Saints
You Are Wonderful
Album: Add To The Beauty - 2005
New Songs - Sara Groves : Add To The Beauty
Add To The Beauty
How Can I Tell
It's Going To Be Alright
Just Showed Up For My Own Life
Kingdom Comes
Loving A Person
Rewrite This Tragedy
Something Changed
To The Moon
When It Was Over
When It Was Over (Reprise)
Why It Matters
You Are The Sun
Album: The Other Side Of Something - 2004
New Songs - Sara Groves : The Other Side Of Something
All I Need
Come Thou Fount
Like A Skin
Roll To The Middle
The One Thing I Know
What I Thought I Wanted
Album: All Right Here - 2002
New Songs - Sara Groves : All Right Here
All Right Here
Every Minute
First Song That I Sing
Jesus, You're Beautiful
Just One More Thing
Less Like Scars
Maybe There's A Loving God
Remember Surrender
This Peace
You Cannot Lose My Love
You Did That For Me
Album: Conversations - 2001
New Songs - Sara Groves : Conversations
Cave Of Adullum
Going Home
He's Always Been Faithful
Hello Lord
How It Is Between Us
Know My Heart
Painting Pictures Of Egypt
Tent In The Center Of Town (Live)
The Word
This Journey Is My Own
What Do I Know
Album: Past The Wishing - 1998
New Songs - Sara Groves : Past The Wishing
Everyday Miracles
Glory Come Down
Help Me Be New
Past The Wishing
Song Of Solomon
Stir My Heart

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