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Old Kentucky Home Lyrics
(randy newman)
(d) - (g) - (a) - (e7) - (a7) - (bm)

(d) turpentine and dandelion wine
I've turned the corner and I'm (g) doing fine
Shooting at the birds on the (d) telephone line
(a) picking 'em off with this (d) gun of mine
I got a (g) fire in my belly and a (d) fire in my head
Going (a) higher and higher till I'm dead

Sister sue, short and stout
She didn't grow up - she grew out
Papa says she's plain but she's just being kind
Mama says she's pretty but she's almost blind
Don't let her out much 'cept at night
But I don't care 'cause I'm all right

Oh, the (d) sun shines bright on my (g) old kentucky (d) home
And the young folks roll on the (e7) floor (a7)
Oh, the (d) sun shines bright on my (g) old kentucky (d) home
Keep them hard times (g) a (bm)way (a7) from my (d) door

Brother gene, he's big and mean
And he didn't have much to say
He had a little woman that he whupped each day
But now she's gone away
He got drunk last night
Kicked mama down the stairs
But I'm all right so I don't care


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