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Album: Aftermath Of The Lowdown - 2012
New Songs - Richie Sambora : Aftermath Of The Lowdown
Backseat Driver
Burn That Candle Down
Every Road Leads Home To You
I'll Always Walk Beside You
Learning How To Fly With A Broken Wing
Seven Years Gone
Sugar Daddy
Taking A Chance On The Wind
Weathering The Storm
You Can Only Get So High
Album: Undiscovered Soul - 1998
New Songs - Richie Sambora : Undiscovered Soul
All That Really Matters
Downside Of Love
Fallen From Graceland
Hard Times Come Easy
Harlem Rain
If God Was A Woman
In It For Love
Made In America
Undiscovered Soul
Who I Am
You're Not Alone
Album: Stranger In This Town - 1991
New Songs - Richie Sambora : Stranger In This Town
Ballad Of Youth
Church Of Desire
Father Time
Mr.Bluesman (Featuring Eric Clapton)
One Light Burning
Rest In Peace
River Of Love
Stranger In This Town
The Answer

Other songs
Hard Times Comes Easy
Mr. Bluesman
One Last Goodbye
Take Me On

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