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Album: Redman Presents... Reggie - 2010
New Songs - Redman : Redman Presents... Reggie
All I Do
Def Jammable
Lemme Get 2
Lift It Up
Lite 1 Witcha Boi
Mic, Lights, Camera, Action
Reggie (Intro)
Rockin' Wit Da Best
That's Where I B
Tiger Style Crane
When The Lites Go Off
Album: Red Gone Wild...Thee Album - 2007
New Songs - Redman : Red Gone Wild...Thee Album
Bak Inda Buildin
Blow Treez
Dis Iz Brick City
Freestyle Freestyle
Get 'Em
Gilla House Check
Gimmie One
Hold Dis Blaow!
How U Like Dat
Merry Jane
Pimp Nutz
Put It Down
Rite Now
Soopaman Luva 6 (Part I)
Soopaman Luva 6 (Part II)
Sumtn' 4 Urrbody
Walk In Gutta
Album: Malpractice - 2001
New Songs - Redman : Malpractice
Bricks Two
Da Bullshit
Dat Bitch
Diggy Doc
Doggz II
Enjoy Da Ride
Let's Get Dirty
Lick a Shot
Real Niggaz
Smash Sumthin'
Soopaman Luva 5 (Part I)
Soopaman Luva 5 (Part II)
Whut I'ma Do Now
WKYA (Drop)
Wrong 4 Dat
Album: Doc's Da Name - 1998
New Songs - Redman : Doc's Da Name
Beet Drop
Boodah Break
Brick City Mashin'!
Close Ya Doorz
D. O. G. S.
Da Da Dahhh
Da Goodness
Down South Funk
Get It Live
I Don't Kare
I Got a Secret
I'll Be Dat
Jersey Yo!
Keep on '99
Let Da Monkey Out
My Zone!
Soopaman Lova Iv
Well All Rite Cha
Album: Muddy Waters - 1996
New Songs - Redman : Muddy Waters
Case Closed
Chicken Head Convention
Da Bump
Da Ill Out
Do What Ya Feel
It's Like That
Iz He 4 Real
On Fire
Pick It Up
Rock Da Spot
Smoke Buddha
Soopaman Luva 3
The Stick Up
What U Lookin' 4
Whateva Man
Album: Dare Iz a Darkside - 1994
New Songs - Redman : Dare Iz a Darkside
A Million & 1 Buddah Spots
Boodah Session
Can't Wait
Cosmic Slop
Da Journee
Green Island
Journey Throo Da Darkside
Slide & Rock On
Sooperman Luva II
Tonight's Da Nite
We Run N. Y.

Other songs
A Day of Sooperman Lover
Blow Your Mind
Da Funk
How to Roll a Blunt
I'm a Bad
Jam 4 U
Rated 'r'
Redman Meets Reggie Noble
So Ruff
Time 4 Sum Aksion
Tonight's The Night
Watch Yo Nuggets

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