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Album: Thick Girls, Big Girls - 2009
New Songs - Raven Symone : Thick Girls, Big Girls
Face To Face
Thick Girls, Big Girls
Album: Raven-Symone - 2008
New Songs - Raven Symone : Raven-Symone
Anti-Love Song
Double Dutch Bus
Face To Face
Girl Get It
Hollywood Life
In The Pictures
In Your Skin
Keep A Friend
Love Me Or Leave Me
Shorts Like Me
That Girl
What Are You Gonna Do?
Album: That's So Raven Too - 2006
New Songs - Raven Symone : That's So Raven Too
Jump In
Let's Stick Together
Little By Little
Some Call It Magic
Album: This Is My Time - 2004
New Songs - Raven Symone : This Is My Time
Grazing In The Grass
Just Fly Away
Life Is Beautiful
Set Me Free
This Is My Time
What Is Love?
What's Real?
Album: Undeniable - 1999
New Songs - Raven Symone : Undeniable
Best Friends
Hip Hoppers
I Can Get Down
I Love You
Lean On Me
People Make The World Go Round
Pure Love
Slow Down
With A Child's Heart
Album: Here's To New Dreams - 1993
New Songs - Raven Symone : Here's To New Dreams
Betcha' Didn't Know
Fun Tonight
Here's To New Dreams
Hip Hop Teddybear
Ooh Boy
That's What Little Girls Are Made Of

Other songs
My Christmas Wish
That's So Raven
True To Your Heart
Under The Sea
Your Crowning Glory

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