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Album: Dearest Christian: I'm So Very Sorry I Brought You Here. Love Dad - 1998
Art Deco Halos
Faith in You
Gotta Be... Movin' on Up
Hale-bopp Regurgitations
I Had No Right
I Hate Myself for You
If I Could Be Your Star
Misery in Utero
Music for Carnivores
No Further Damage
Perfect for You
Screaming at Me
To Love & Hate Seriously
Yang: as Private I's
Album: Emosia - Lover's Paradise - 1998
Figure 8
Free from Humanity
Life Goes On
Lost in You
Picture Perfect You
There's No Reason
Through Your Eyes
You Can Count on Me
Album: Jesus Wept - 1995
A Lifetime
Apathy... Superstar?
Downtown Venus
Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto
Forever Damaged
I'll Be Waiting for You
Miles from Anything
My Own Personal Gravity
Puppet Show
Sometimes I Miss You So Much
The 9: 45 Wake-up Dream
Why God Loves You
Album: The Bliss Album - 1993
About Nothing
Beyond Infinite Affections
Filthy Rich
I'd Die Without You
Looking Through Patient Eyes
More Than Likely
Norwegian Wood
So on & So On
The Nocturnal is in The House
To Love Me More
Ways of The Wind
When Its Raining Cats & Dogs
When Midnight Sighs
Album: Of The Heart, of The Soul & of The Cross - 1991
A Watcher's Point of View
Even After I Die
If I Waz U
In The Presence of Mirrors
Ode to a Forgetful Mind
On a Clear Day
Paper Doll
Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine
Set Adrift on a Memory Bliss
The Beautiful
To Serenade a Rainbow
Twisted Mellow

Other songs
As Disappointing as Your Mercy Is
If You Never Say Goodbye
May U Always Drink Bizarre
She Dreams Persistent Maybes
Take Care of My Love
To Love Hate Seriously
When I Think About Love

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