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The Power Of The Heart Lyrics
(originally by Lou Reed)

You and me we always sweat and we strain
you look for sun and I look for rain
we're different people, we're not the same
the power of the sun
I looked for treetops, you looked for caps
above the water, where the waves snap back
I flew around the world to bring you back
ah the power of the heart

you looked at me and I looked at you
the sleeping heart was shining through
the wispy cobwebs that we're breathing through
the power of the heart
I looked at you and you looked at me
I thought of the past, you thought of what could be
I asked you once again to marry me
the power of the heart

Everybody says love makes the world go round
I hear a bubbling and I hear a sound
of my heart beating and I turn around
and find you standing at the door
you know me I like to dream a lot
of this and that and what is not
and finally I figured out what was what
it was the power of the heart

You and me we sweat and strain
the result is always the same
you think somehow we're in a game
the power of the heart
the power of the heart

I think I'm dumb I know you're smart
the beating of a purebred heart
I say this to you and it's not a lark
marry me today
You know me I like to dream a lot
of what there is and what there's not
but mainly I dream of you a lot
the power of the heart
the power of the heart


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