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Album: The Midsummer Station - 2012
New Songs - Owl City : The Midsummer Station
Bombshell Blonde
Dreams And Disasters
Good Time
I'm Coming After You
Shooting Star
Speed Of Love
Take It All Away
Top Of The World
Album: Shooting Star - EP - 2012
New Songs - Owl City : Shooting Star - EP
Shooting Star
Take It All Away
Album: All Things Bright And Beautiful - 2011
New Songs - Owl City : All Things Bright And Beautiful
Alligator Sky
Deer In The Headlights
Dreams Don't Turn To Dust
Honey And The Bee
Hospital Flowers
How I Became The Sea
January 28, 1986
Lonely Lullaby
Plant Life
Shy Violet
The Honey And The Bee
The Real World
The Yacht Club
To The Sky
Album: Ocean Eyes - 2009
New Songs - Owl City : Ocean Eyes
Butterfly Wings
Cave In
Dental Care
Hello Seattle
Hello Seattle (Remix)
Hot Air Balloon
If My Heart Was A House
Meteor Shower
On The Wing
Rugs From Me To You
Strawberry Avalanche
The Bird And The Worm
The Saltwater Room
The Tip Of The Iceberg
Tidal Wave
Umbrella Beach
Vanilla Twilight
Album: Maybe I'm Dreaming - 2008
New Songs - Owl City : Maybe I'm Dreaming
Air Traffic
Dear Vienna
Early Birdie
I'll Meet You There
On The Wing
Rainbow Veins
Sky Diver
Super Honeymoon
The Saltwater Room
The Technicolor Phase
This Is The Future
West Coast Friendship
Album: Of June - 2007
New Songs - Owl City : Of June
Captains And Cruise Ships
Captains And Cruiseships
Designer Skyline
Fuzzy Blue Lights
Hello Seattle
Panda Bear
Swimming In Miami
The Airway

Other songs
Christmas Song
Dementia (√úbersetzung)
How Deep The Father's Love For Us
In Christ Alone
Peppermint Winter
Sky Driver
The Christmas Song
The Joy In Your Heart
When Can I See You Again

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