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Album: The Feel Good Record Of The Year - 2008
New Songs - No Use For A Name : The Feel Good Record Of The Year
Biggest Lie
I Want To Be Wrong
Kill The Rich
Night Of The Living Living
Pacific Standard Time
Sleeping Between Trucks
Take It Home
The Dregs Of Sobriety
The Feel Good Song Of The Year
The Trumpet Player
Under The Garden
Yours To Destroy
Album: Keep Them Confused - 2005
New Songs - No Use For A Name : Keep Them Confused
Black Box
Check For A Pulse
Divine Let Down
For Fiona
It's Tragic
Killing Time
Part Two
Slowly Fading Fast
There Will Be Revenge
Album: Hard Rock Bottom - 2002
New Songs - No Use For A Name : Hard Rock Bottom
Any Number Can Play
Dumb Reminders
Feels Like Home
Friends Of The Enemy
Insecurity Alert
International You Day
Let Me Down
Nailed Shut
Pre-Medicated Murder
This Is A Rebel Song
Album: More Betterness! - 1999
New Songs - No Use For A Name : More Betterness!
Always Carrie
Chasing Rainbows
Coming Too Close
Fairytale Of New York
Let It Slide
Lies Can't Pretend
Life Size Mirror
Not Your Savior
Room 19
Saddest Song
Six Degrees From Misty
Sleeping In
Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me?
Album: Making Friends - 1997
New Songs - No Use For A Name : Making Friends
A Postcard Would Be Nice
Best Regards
Fields Of Athenry
Growing Down
On The Outside
Sitting Duck
The Answer Is Still No
Three Month Weekend
Album: Leche Con Carne! - 1995
New Songs - No Use For A Name : Leche Con Carne!
51 Days
Couch Boy
Fatal Flu
Fields Of Agony
Justified Black Eye
Leave It Behind
Redemption Song
Straight From The Jacket
Album: The Daily Grind - 1993
New Songs - No Use For A Name : The Daily Grind
Feeding The Fire
Hazardous To Yourself
Permanent Rust
The Daily Grind
Until It's Gone
What's His Name
Album: Don't Miss The Train - 1992
New Songs - No Use For A Name : Don't Miss The Train
Another Step
Born Addicted
Death Doesn't Care
Don't Miss The Train
Get Out Of This Town
Looney Toon
Punk Points
Tan In A Can
Thorn In My Side

Other songs
Enjoy The Silence
Fields Of Agony (Acoustic)
Gene and Paul I Hate You Most Of All, Ace Your The Ace and Peter Your The Cat (Kiss Song)
History Defeats
Sara Fisher
Stunt Double
This Ain't No Way To Live
Turning Japanese

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