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Album: My Dinosaur Life - 2010
New Songs - Motion City Soundtrack : My Dinosaur Life
A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help)
Her Words Destroyed My Planet
History Lesson
Pulp Fiction
Skin And Bones
So Long Farewell
Stand Too Close
Sunny Day
The Weakends
Worker Bee
Album: Even If It Kills Me - 2007
New Songs - Motion City Soundtrack : Even If It Kills Me
Broken Heart
Calling All Cops
Can't Finish What You Started
Even If It Kills Me
Fell In Love Without You
Hello Helicopter
It Had To Be You
Last Night
Point Of Extinction
The Conversation
This Is For Real
Where I Belong
Album: Commit This To Memory - 2005
New Songs - Motion City Soundtrack : Commit This To Memory
Attractive Today
Better Open The Door
Everything Is Alright
Feel Like Rain
Hold Me Down
L.G. Fuad (Let's Get Fucked Up And Die)
Make Out Kids
Monsters Invisible
Time Turned Fragile
Together We'll Ring In The New Year
When You're Around
Album: I Am The Movie - 2003
New Songs - Motion City Soundtrack : I Am The Movie
Autographs And Apologies
Boombox Generation
Capital H
Don't Call It A Comeback
Indoor Living
Mary Without Sound
Modern Chemistry
My Favorite Accident
Perfect Teeth
The Future Freaks Me Out
The Red Dress
Album: Kids For America - 2000
New Songs - Motion City Soundtrack : Kids For America
1000 Paper Cranes
4th Of December
Bomb Pops
Sunday Warning
Album: Back To The Beat - 2000
New Songs - Motion City Soundtrack : Back To The Beat
Back To The Beat
Capital H
Opening Night
The Here Away
Album: Promenade/Carolina - 1999
New Songs - Motion City Soundtrack : Promenade/Carolina

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My Valuable Hunting Knife
Not Asking You To Leave
Plymouth Rock
Pop Song 89
Running Out Of Time
Stuck In The Morning
The Sun Woke The Whole State
The Worst Part
Truth Hits Everybody

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