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Album: Everything In Between - 2006
New Songs - Matt Wertz : Everything In Between
Capitol City
I Will Not Take My Love Away
Like The Last Time
Over You
The Way I Feel
With You, Tonight
Album: Today & Tommorow - 2005
New Songs - Matt Wertz : Today & Tommorow
Honest Man
I'm Sorry Mary
Like The Last Time
Red Meets Blue
Wanderin Eyes
Album: 23 Places - 2003
New Songs - Matt Wertz : 23 Places
All I Know
Counting To 100
Everything's Right
Falling Off The Face Of The Earth
Red Meets Blue
Sweetness In Starlight
That For You
The Day Forever Died
Wade Through The Night
Wesley, Why?
Album: Somedays - 2001
New Songs - Matt Wertz : Somedays
Even The Streets
External Fix-it Remedies
Faith And Compromise
Happy Times
I'm Sorry Mary
In On A Whim
Lonely Tonight
Sell Out
Some Days
Song For The Irrational
This Moment
Yesterday Morning

Other songs
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All Because
All Because Of You
Behind A Smile
Best Song
Come Away
Green Pastures
Hiding Behind A Smile
I Will Let You Down
In The Night
Not Alone
Pennies And Jesus
Simple Things
Step Back
Tell Me You Love Me
This Moment Is You
Wade Throught The Night
Wandering Eyes
Way Back To Yesterday

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