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Album: # 447 - 1999
Dime a Dozen Guy
Eydie's Tune
Glad Goodbye
Ready Right Now
Right There in Front of Me
T. M. D.
Tell Me All About It
West of Bald Knob
You Said What? ?
Album: The 9 Volt Years - 1998
Bad Luck
Bruce is King
Everyone's in Love With You
First Love
I'm Sorry
Rockin' Around in Nyc
Run Back to You
She's Not You
Someday Someway
Something's Gonna Happen
Stay Fabulous
That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On
Vague Memory
You're My Favorite Waste of Time
Album: Miracle of Science - 1996
A Wondrous Place
Only an Hour Ago
Seven Miles an Hour
Shake up Their Minds
Starless Summer Sky
The & Quotin & QuotCrowd
There & Back Again
Twenty-five Forty-one
What Do You Dream Of?
Who Stole That Train
Album: Live: My Truck is My Home - 1994
Have You Seen Her Face
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Twine Time
Vague Memory
Wanda & Duane
You're My Favorite Waste of Time
Album: Life's Too Short - 1991
Better Back Off
Don't Disappear Now
Everything's The Truth
Face of Fashion
Fantastic Planet of Love
Somewhere Down The Line
Starting Tomorrow
Stop Doing That
Walkin' Around
Album: Good Evening - 1989
Let Her Dance
Live It Up
On The Run
Radio Girl
She Hates to Go Home
Some Hearts
Someplace Where Love Can't Find Me
Whatever Way The Wind Blows
You Should've Been There
Album: Mary Jean & 9 Others - 1987
'til That Moment
A Hundred Dollars
Calling Out for Love
Mary Jean
Somebody Crying
Steel Strings
They Never Will Know
This is Easy
This Street
Wild Abandon
Album: Downtown - 1985
Blues is King
I'm Sorry
Lesson Number One
Like a Vague Memory
Right Now
Shake up Their Minds
Terrifying Love
The Distance Between
Album: Field Day - 1983
All I Know Right Now
For Her Love
Hold It
Monday Morning Rock
One Day With You
One More Reason
Our Town
What Time is It?
Whenever You're on My Mind
Album: Marshall Crenshaw - 1982
Brand New Lover
Cynical Girl
I'll Do Anything
Mary Anne
Not for Me
Rockin' Around in N. Y. C.
She Can't Dance
Soldier of Love
Someday, Someway
The Usual Thing
There She Goes Again

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I've Been Good to You
Look at What I Almost Missed
Rave On
Somebody Like You
Starlit Summer Sky
Stop Her on Sight

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