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Album: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - 1999
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
I'll Get You Back
I'm Gone
Let's Talk About Our Love
My Way Back Home
That's The Way You Make an Ex
This Heartache Never Sleeps
Tonight I'll Let My Memory Take Me Home
What Was You Thinking
Album: Longnecks & Short Stories - 1997
Bubba Shot The Jukebox
I'll Think of Something
I'm Not Gettin' Any Better at Good-byes
It's Not Over
Old Country
Old Flames Have New Names
Postpone The Pain
Talking to Hank
Who Will The Next Fool Be
Album: Thank God for Believers - 1997
Any Ole Reason
Goodbye Heartache
Hello Honky Tonk
I Might Have Even Quit Loving You
It's Not Over
Numbers on The Jukebox
Thank God for Believers
That Side of You
Wherever You Are
Album: Greatest Hits - 1996
Almost Goodbye
Blame It on Texas
Brother Jukebox
Bubba Shot The Jukebox
Goin' Through The Big D
Gonna Get a Life
I'll Think of Something
It Sure is Monday
It's a Little Too Late
Let It Rain
Old Country
Too Cold at Home
Album: Almost Goodbye - 1993
'till a Better Memory Comes Along
Almost Goodbye
April's Fool
I Just Wanted You to Know
It Sure is Monday
My Heart's Too Broke
Texas is Bigger Than It Used to Be
The Will
Vickie Vance Gotta Dance
Woman, Sensous Woman
Album: Too Cold at Home - 1985
Blame It on Texas
Broken Promise Land
Brother Jukebox
Danger at My Door
Friends in Low Places
Hey You There in The Mirror
Lucky Man
Too Cold at Home
Album: What a Way to Live - 1982
Down in Tennessee
Goin' Through The Big D
Gonna Get a Life
Half of Everything
It's Almost Like You're Here
Live a Little
Rainy Day Woman
She Dreams
This Side of The Door
What a Way to Live

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