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Album: Viktoria - 2011
New Songs - Maria Mena : Viktoria
A Stranger To Me
Am I Supposed To Apologize
It Took Me By Surprise
My Heart Still Beats
Takes One To Know One
The Art Of Forgiveness
This Too Shall Pass
Album: Cause And Effect - 2008
New Songs - Maria Mena : Cause And Effect
All This Time (Pick-Me-Up Song)
Belly Up
Cause And Effect
I Was Made For Lovin' You
I'm In Love
I'm On Your Side
Power Trip Ballad
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Where Were You
Album: Apparently Unaffected - 2006
New Songs - Maria Mena : Apparently Unaffected
Boytoy Baby
Calm Under The Waves
He's Hurting Me
If You'll Stay In My Past Pt. 1
If You'll Stay In My Past Pt. 2
If You'll Stay In My Past Pt. 3
Internal Dialogue
Just Hold Me
Long Time Coming
Miss You Love
Nevermind Me
Our Battles
These Shoes
This Bottle Of Wine
Album: White Turns Blue - 2004
New Songs - Maria Mena : White Turns Blue
A Few Small Bruises
Blame It On Me
Just A Little Bit
Lose Control
My Lullaby
Take You With Me
What's Another Day
You're The Only One
Your Glasses
Album: Another Phase - 2002
New Songs - Maria Mena : Another Phase
Better Than Nothing
Blame It On Me
Bye Bye
Crowded Train
Monday Morning
My Lullaby
Pale People
Sleep To Dream
They Smoke A Lot
Those Who Caved In

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Home For Christmas

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