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Album: Thunder Thighs - 2011
New Songs - Kimya Dawson : Thunder Thighs
All I Could Do
Driving Driving Driving
Miami Advice
Utopian Futures
Walk Like Thunder
Zero Or A Zillion
Album: Alphabutt - 2007
New Songs - Kimya Dawson : Alphabutt
Happy Home (Keep On Writing)
I Like Bears
I Love You Sweet Baby
Little Panda Bear
Seven Hungry Tigers
Sunbeams And Some Beans
Uncle Hukee's House
We're All Animals
Album: Remember That I Love You - 2006
New Songs - Kimya Dawson : Remember That I Love You
Better Weather
Caving In
I Like Giants
I Miss You
Loose Lips
My Mom
My Rollercoaster
The Competition
Tire Swing
Album: Knock Knock Who? - 2004
New Songs - Kimya Dawson : Knock Knock Who?
For Boxer
Great Crap
I'm Fine
Jest's Birthday
My Bike
Nobody's Hippie
Red White & Blue Dream (Oops!)
So Nice So Smart
Stink Mama
The Sound Of Ataris
Time To Think
Album: My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess - 2004
New Songs - Kimya Dawson : My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess
Being Cool
Everything's Alright
For Katie
Hadlock Padlock
The Beer
Velvet Rabbit
Will You Be Me?
Album: Hidden Vagenda - 2004
New Songs - Kimya Dawson : Hidden Vagenda
5 Years
Angels And Seagulls
Anthrax (Powerballad Version)
Blue Like Nevermind
I Will Never Forget
It's Been Raining
Lullaby For The Taken
Moving On
My Heroes
Singing Machine
Viva La Persistence
You Love Me
Album: I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean - 2002
New Songs - Kimya Dawson : I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean
Everything's Alright
Hold My Hand
Reminders Of Then
Rocks With Holes
So Far To Go
Talking Ernest
Trump Style
Wandering Daughter

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Tree Hugger

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