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Album: Wreck & Ruin - 2012
New Songs - Kasey Chambers : Wreck & Ruin
'Til Death Do Us Part
Adam And Eve
Familiar Strangers
Flat Nail Joe
Have Mercy On Me
Rusted Shoes
Sick As A Dog
The Quiet Life
Troubled Mind
Up Or Down
Wreck And Ruin
Your Sweet Love
Album: Storybook - 2012
New Songs - Kasey Chambers : Storybook
Everything's Turning To White
Happy Woman Blues
I Wish It Would Rain
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
If I Needed You
Leave The Lights On
Nothing But A Child
Orphan Girl
Return Of The Grievous Angel
Too Long In The Wasteland
Top Of The World
True Colours
Water In The Fuel
Album: Little Bird - 2011
New Songs - Kasey Chambers : Little Bird
Bring Back My Heart
Album: Rattlin' Bones - 2008
New Songs - Kasey Chambers : Rattlin' Bones
Jackson Hole
Monkey On A Wire
No One Hurts Up Here
Once In A While
One More Year
Rattlin' Bones
Sleeping Cold
Sweetest Waste Of Time
The Devil's Inside My Head
The House That Never Was
Woe Is Mine
Your Day Will Come
Album: Carnival - 2006
New Songs - Kasey Chambers : Carnival
Colour Of A Carnival
Don't Look So Sad
Hard Road
I Got You Now
Light Up A Candle
Nothing At All
Sign On The Door
The Rain
You Make Me Sing
Album: Wayward Angel - 2004
New Songs - Kasey Chambers : Wayward Angel
Follow You Home
For Sale
Guilty As Sin
Like A River
Lost And Found
More Than Ordinary
Paper Aeroplane
Wayward Angel
Album: Barricades & Brickwalls - 2001
New Songs - Kasey Chambers : Barricades & Brickwalls
A Little Bit Lonesome
A Million Tears
Barricades & Brickwalls
Falling Into You
I Still Pray
If I Were You
Not Pretty Enough
Nullarbor Song
On A Bad Day
Runaway Train
Still Feelin' Blue
This Mountain
Album: The Captain - 2000
New Songs - Kasey Chambers : The Captain
Cry Like a Baby
Don't Go
Don't Talk Back
Last Hard Bible
Mr Baylis
Southern Kind of Life
The Captain
The Flower
The Hard Way
These Pines
We're All Gonna Die Someday
You Got The Car

Other songs
Am I Not Pretty Enough
Another Lonely Day
Another Lonly Day
Barricades and Brickwalls
Better Be Home Soon
Everything's Turning To White
Freight Train
Heartbreak, Heartmend
In Spite Of Ourselves
Little Bird
Little Bit Lonesome
Mr. Baylis
Nullabour Song
Still Feeling Blue
Tear Stained Eye
These Days
Too Long In The Wasteland
True Colors
Wash Me Out

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