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Album: Underwater - 2012
New Songs - Joshua Radin : Underwater
Any Day Now
Anywhere Your Love Goes
Five And Dime
Here's Where We Begin
Let It Go
Lost At Home
One More
The Greenest Grass
The Willow
Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better
Album: The Rock And The Tide - 2010
New Songs - Joshua Radin : The Rock And The Tide
Brand New Day
Here We Go
Nowhere To Go
One Leap
Road To Ride On
Street Light
The Ones With The Light
The Rock And The Tide
Think I'll Go Inside
We Are Only Getting Better
You Got What I Need
You're Not As Young
Album: Simple Times - 2008
New Songs - Joshua Radin : Simple Times
Brand New Day
Free Of Me
Friend Like You
I'd Rather Be With You
No Envy No Fear
One Of Those Days
They Bring Me To You
Vegetable Car
We Are Okay
You Got Growin Up To Do
Album: We Were Here - 2006
New Songs - Joshua Radin : We Were Here
Amy's Song
Everything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby)
Only You
Someone Else's Life
Star Mile
Sundrenched World
These Photographs
What If You
Album: First Between 3rd And 4th - 2004
New Songs - Joshua Radin : First Between 3rd And 4th
Do You Wanna
Don't Look Away
Girlfriend In A Coma
The One You Knew

Other songs
The Fear You Won't Fall
When You Find Me

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