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Album: Nuclear Daydream - 2006
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Nuclear Daydream
Automatic Situation
Black Lexus
Don't Give Up On People
Don't Tell Your Eyes
Electrical Storm
Enough To Get Away
Nuclear Daydream
Slide Away
Too Much To Hide
When I Was Running Out Of Time
You Are Free
Album: Our Shadows Will Remain - 2004
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Our Shadows Will Remain
A Smile That Explodes
All Of Our Hands
Can't Exist
Devil's Broom
Echo Park
Even Tho
I Am
In Ohio
Leave Us Alone
Stumble And Pain
Album: Holding The Void - 2003
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Holding The Void
Blue Jays And Honey Bee
Call A Friend
Candy Store
Don't Be Afraid
False Colored Eyes
Gone Without It
Hands Birn Dirty
Look Over Your Shoulder
Nothing Wrong With The City
Album: Redemption's Son - 2002
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Redemption's Son
Blue Lips
But A Bag
Favorite Girl
Honey And The Moon
I Would Rather Hide
In The Night
Innocent World
Let's Embrace
Nation Of Slaves
Redemption's Son
September Baby
Termite Song
You Could Be In Jail
You've Been Loved
Your Are The Dark
Album: Junkyard Hearts III & IV - 2002
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Junkyard Hearts III & IV
Be My Friend
Crackerjack Box
Favourite Girl
In The Middle Of The Night
Space Needle
Still The Same
The Termite Song
Voices Will Fight
Album: Junkyard Hearts I & II - 2002
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Junkyard Hearts I & II
Bill Wilson
Dear Lord
Glue Sniffer
Hold On Dear
Jumping In With You
Marmalade Eyes
Queen Of Brooklyn
Take Me Back Home
The Coldest Sea
This Heart Will Swallow Us
Tiny Echoes
Album: Come To Where I'm From - 2000
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Come To Where I'm From
Ashes Everywhere
Creation Or A Stain
Eyes On My Back
In The Sun
Invisible Hands
Speed Of Light
The Real You
Album: Vacancy - 1999
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Vacancy
Bed Of Nails
Crying On Sunday
Hang Around Here
Hidden Track
Making Mistakes
Toxic Angel
Album: Big City Secrets - 1997
New Songs - Joseph Arthur : Big City Secrets
Big City Secret
Birthday Card
Bottle of You
Crying Like a Man
Daddy on Prozac
Good About Me
Haunted Eyes
Mikel K
Porcup Me

Other songs
Anywhere With You
Ashes Everywhere
Eyes on My Back
Glass Pipe
Honey & The Moon
I Donated Myself To The Mexican Army
In The Sun
Invisible Hands
My Home Is In Your Head
Real As Rain
Saviour Of The Sun
Speed of Light
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Wait And See
When The Moon Hits The Sun
You're So True

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