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Album: The Trad Arr Jones - 1999
A Singer's Request
Annachie Gordon
Annan Water
Master Kilby
The Bonny Bunch of Roses
The Flandyke Shore
The Golden Glove
The Isle of France
The Little Musgrave
William & Nancy's Parting
William Glenn
Album: Awake - 1998
I Just Woke Up
I'm Staying Here
It's All My Fault
Miss Fortune
Poor Heart
Something to Write Home About
Song I Wrote Myself in The Future
Sweat Tears Blood & Come
Window Seat
Wooden Overcoat
You So So
You're Looking at Me
Album: Dynablob 2: It Happened Every Night - 1998
A Fan Speaks
Election Night
Elvis Has Just Left The Building
Gentleman's Dream
Handful of Sand
Hostile Two Party System
I Just Wanna Talk
No More
Skyscrapers in Memphis
The Brain of Britain
The Robert Frost Rag
The Star Struck Banner
When All The Bad Things in Your Life Turn to Worth It
When Dreams Come True
You Will Be Cured
Album: John Wesley Harding's New Deal - 1996
Cupid & Psycho
God Lives Upstairs
Heart Without a Home
Infinite Combinations
Kiss Me, Miss Liberty
Other People's Failure
Still Photo
The King is Dead Boring
The Secret Angel
The Speed of Normal
The Triumph of Trash
To Whom It May Concern
Album: The Name Above The Title - 1991
50/50 Split
Anonymous 1916
Backing Out
Bridegroom Blues
Driving in The Rain
I Can Tell
I'd Be Sleeping if My Baby Were Here
Long Dead Gone
Save a Little Room for Me
The Facts of Life
The Movie of Your Life
The Patron Saint of Losers
The People's Drug
The Person You Are
The World
Album: Here Comes The Groom - 1989
Affairs of The Heart
An Audience With You
Bastard Son
Cathy's New Clown
Dark Dark Heart
Here Comes The Groom
Nothing I'd Rather Do
Same Thing Twice
Scared of Guns
Spaced Cowgirl
The Devil in Me
The Red Rose & The Briar
Things Snowball
When The Sun Comes Out
You're No Good

Other songs
Come Gather Round
Dead Centre of Town
Get Back Down
Hitler's Tears
Into The Wind
Kill The Messenger
Me Against Me
Millionaire's Dream
Ordinary Weekend
The Original Miss Jesus
The Truth
Where The Bodies Are

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