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Album: Artful Dodger - 1997
23a, Swan Hill
Michael Picasso
Now is The Time
Open My Eyes
Resurrection Mary
Something to Believe In
Still The Same
The Artful Dodger
Too Much
Walk on Water
Album: Dirty Laundry - 1995
Another Fine Mess
Dancing on The Moon
Everyone's a Fool
Good Girls
Invisible Strings
Junkee Love
My Revolution
Never Trust a Blonde
Psycho Girl
Red Letter Day
The Other Man
Album: Overnight Angels - 1985
Golden Opportunity
Justice of The Peace
Overnight Angels
Shallow Crystals
Silver Dime
The Ballad of Little Star
To Love a Woman
Wild 'n Free
Album: All of The Good Ones Are Taken - 1983
All of The Good Ones Are Taken
Captain Void 'n' The Video Jets
Death 'n' Glory Boys
Every Step of The Way
Seeing Double
Somethin's Goin' On
That Girl is Rock 'n' Roll
Album: Short Back & Sides - 1981
Central Park N' West
Gun Control
I Need Your Love
Keep on Burning
Leave Me Alone
Lisa Likes Rock N' Roll
Old Records Never Die
Theatre of The Absurd
Album: You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic - 1979
Cleveland Rocks
Just Another Night
Life After Death
Standin' in My Light
The Outsider
When The Daylight Comes
Wild East
Album: All American Alien Boy - 1976
All American Alien Boy
Apathy 83
Irene Wilde
Letter to Britannia from The Union Jack
Restless Youth
You Nearly Did Me In
Album: Ian Hunter - 1975
3,000 Miles from Here
I Get So Excited
It Ain't Easy when You Fall
Lounge Lizard
Once Bitten Twice Shy
Shades Off
The Truth Whole Truth, Nuthin' but The Truth
Who Do You Love
Album: The Secret Sessions - 1970
Easy Money
I Ain't No Angel
Silent Movie
The Best Thing

Other songs
American Music
Beg a Little Love
Big Time
Following in Your Footsteps
How Much More Can I Take
Listen to The Eight Track
Livin' in a Heart
Man O'war
Silver Needles
Sons & Daughters
Sons N' Lovers
Sweet Dreamer
Tell It Like It Is
The Loner
We Gotta Get Out of Here
Women's Intuition

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