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Album: Born to Die - 1976
Born to Die
Good Things
I Fell for Your Love
Love is Dyin'
Take Me
Talk to The People
Album: Good Singin', Good Playin' - 1976
Big Buns
Can You Do It
Don't Let 'em Take Your Gun
Goin' for The Pastor
Just Couldn't Wait
Miss My Baby
Out to Get You
Pass It Around
Release Your Love
Album: All The Girls in The World Beware - 1974
All The Girls in The World Beware!!!
Bad Time
Look at Granny Run Run
Some Kind of Wonderful
Album: Shinin' On - 1974
Carry Me Through
Gettin' Over You
Little Johnny Hooker
Please Me
Shinin' On
The Loco-motion
To Get Back In
Album: Phoenix - 1972
Flight of The Phoenix
Freedom is for Children
Gotta Find Me a Better Day
I Just Gotta Know
Rain Keeps Fallin'
Rock Roll Soul
She Got to Move Me
So You Won't Have to Die
Trying to Get Away
Album: E Pluribus Funk - 1971
I Come Tumblin'
No Lies
People, Let's Stop The War
Save The Land
Album: Survival - 1971
All You've Got is Money
Comfort Me
Country Road
Feelin' Alright
Gimmie Shelter
I Can Feel Him in The Morning
I Want Freedom
Album: Closer to Home - 1970
Aimless Lady
Get It Together
Hooked on Love
I Don't Have to Sing The Blues
I'm Your Captain
Mean Mistreater
Nothing is The Same
Sin's a Good Man's Brother
Album: Grand Funk - 1970
Got This Thing on The Move
High Falootin' Woman
In Need
Inside Looking Out
Please Don't Worry
Winter & My Soul
Album: On Time - 1969
Anybody's Answer
Are You Ready
Call Yourself a Man
Can't Be Too Long
High on a Horse
Into The Sun
Time Machine
Ups & Downs

Other songs
Ain't Got Nobody
Black Licorice
Destitute & Loosin'
Good Times
Loneliest Rider
Stop Lookin' Back
The Railroad
Walk Like a Man
We're an American Band

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