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Album: A New Tide - 2009
New Songs - Gomez : A New Tide
Airstream Driver
Bone Tired
If I Ask You Nicely
Little Pieces
Lost Track
Natural Reaction
Other Plans
Sunset Gates
Very Strange
Win Park Slope
Album: How We Operate - 2006
New Songs - Gomez : How We Operate
All Too Much
Charley Patton Songs
Chasing Ghosts With Alcohol
Cry On Demand
Don't Make Me Laugh
Hamoa Beach
How We Operate
See The World
Tear Your Love Apart
Woman! Man!
Album: Split The Difference - 2004
New Songs - Gomez : Split The Difference
Catch Me Up
Chicken Out
Do One
Extra Special Guy
Me, You And Everybody
Meet Me In The City
Nothing Is Wrong
Sweet Virginia
There It Was
These 3 Sins
We Don't Know Where We're Going
Where Ya Going?
Album: In Our Gun - 2002
New Songs - Gomez : In Our Gun
1000 Times
Army Dub
Ballad Of Nice & Easy
Detroit Swing 66
Even Song
In Our Gun
Miles End
Ping One Down
Rex Kramer
Ruff Stuff
Shot Shot
Sound Of Sounds
Album: Detroit Swing '66 / Ping One Down - 2002
New Songs - Gomez : Detroit Swing '66 / Ping One Down
Air-hostess Song
Click Click
Detroit Swing 66
Ping One Down
Pop Juice
Album: Machismo - 2000
New Songs - Gomez : Machismo
Do's And Don'ts
The Dajon Song
Touchin' Up
Album: Liquid Skin - 1999
New Songs - Gomez : Liquid Skin
Blue Moon Rising
Bring It On
Devil Will Ride
Fill My Cup
Las Vegas Dealer
Revolutionary Kind
Rhythm & Blues Alibi
We Haven't Turned Around
Album: Bring It On - 1998
New Songs - Gomez : Bring It On
78 Stone Wobble
Bubble Gum Years
Free to Run
Get Miles
Get Myself Arrested
Here Comes The Breeze
Love is Better Than a Warm Trombone
Make No Sound
Rie's Wagon
The Comeback
Tijuana Lady
Whippin' Piccadilly
Album: 78 Stone Wobble - 1998
New Songs - Gomez : 78 Stone Wobble
78 Stone Wobble
Steve Mccroski
Wham Bam
Who's Gonna Go The Bar

Other songs
Ballad Of Nice & Easy
Bubblegum Years
Chicken Bones
Dire Tribe
Do's And Dont's
Emergency Surgery
I Don't Know Where We're Going
Moon And Sun
Old School Shirt
Pick up The Pieces
Questa Cultura
Rhythm And Blues Alibi
She Falls Inbetween
Step Inside
Steve Mccroski
The Best in The Town
The Cowboy Song
Up On Cripple Creek
Wham Bam
Who's Gonna Go to The Bar

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