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Album: Feel - 2000
Big Time
Coffee Vanilla
Does It Mean That Much to You?
Holy Man
Livin' for The Minute
Maybe Your Baby
Save Me Tonight
She Loves Your Money
Speak Your Mind
Talkin' to Messiah
Album: Return of Crystal Karma - 2000
Days of Avalon
It's Alright
Midnight Meditated
Owed to & QuotJ & Quot
Switch The Mojo
The Other Side of Me
The State I'm In
The World is Broken
This Life
Album: The Way It Is - 1999
Don't Look Away
Rain on Me
Second Son
Stoned in The Temple
Take You Down
The Truth Will Set Me Free
The Way It Is
Too Far Gone
You Kill Me
Album: Addiction - 1997
Blue Jade
Cover Me
Death of Me
I Don't Want to Live That Way Again
I'm Not Your Slave
Justified Man
Talk About It
Album: From Now on... - 1994
Devil in You
From Now on...
If You Don't Want Me To
Into The Void
Lay My Body Down
Pickin' up The Pieces
The Liar
The Only One
Walking' on The Water
Why Don't You Stay
You Were Always There
Album: Hughes^Thrall - 1982
Beg, Borrow or Steal
Coast to Coast
First Step of Love
Hold Out Your Life
I Got Your Number
Muscle & Blood
The Look in Your Eye
Where Did The Time Go?
Who Will You Run To?
Album: Play Me Out - 1977
I Found a Woman
I Got It Covered
It's About Time
Space High

Other songs
Gettin' Tighter
Lady Double Dealer
Still in Love With You
This Time Around
You Keep on Moving

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