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 1. Atif Aslam
 2. Justin Bieber
 3. Taylor Swift
 4. Eminem
 5. Drake
 6. Rihanna
 7. One Direction
 8. Pink
 9. Akon
 10. Pitbull
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Album: Makin' Trouble - 2001
One Time Freestyle
Why Do We Live This Way
Album: Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly - 1998
Bitches Ho's
Dawn 2 Dusk
Eye 4 an Eye
I Don't Fuck With You
Livin' 4 The Moment
They Bitches
Thugg Niggaz
Album: Grip It! on That Other Level - 1996
Do It Like a G. O.
Gangster of Love
Let a Ho Be a Ho
Mind of a Lunatic
Read These Nikes
Talkin' Loud Ain't Saying Nothin'
Album: The Resurrection - 1996
Bling Leading The Blind
First Light of The Day
Geto Boys & Girls
Geto Fantasy
Hold It Down
I Just Wanna Die
Open Minded
Point of No Return
The World is a Ghetto
Time Taker
Album: Till Death Do Us Part - 1993
6 Feet Deep
Bring It On
Cereal Killer
Crooked Officer
G. E. T. O.
It Ain't Shit
Murder After Midnight
Murder Avenue
No Nuts No Glory
Raise up Bitch
Straight Gangstaism
Street Life
This 's for You

Other songs
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Another Nigger in The Morgue
Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta
Fuck a War
Homie Don't Play That
I'm Not a Gentleman
Mind Playin Tricks on Me
The Other Level
We Can't Be Stopped

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