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Time, Drink 'em Up! Lyrics

T...i...m...e, Drink 'em up!
Haven't you got no homes to go to,
Don't care where you go,
You can't be stayin' here
T...i...m...e, Drink 'em up!
The lights are on, the towels are up,
You best be on your way.

Now Billy's in the corner, he's been there all night long,
Story after story, song after song,
Tomorrow marks the day that he lost his dear ol' Da,
So tonight he's with his mates gettin' therapy at the bar.


The football team is drinkin'. They lost another game,
O'Malley he is drinkin' cause his greyhound won again,
Barry he is drinkin,' his divorce came through today,
And the rest of us are drinkin' 'cause it's just another day...

The world keeps getting bigger, It makes you feel so small,
The CEOs you've never met are the one's who run it all,
You spend your whole life workin' they still forget your name,
Yeah the world keeps on changin' but the pub... remains... the same!


I was born inside a pub if the tale's to be believed,
But I think it's much more likely that it's there I was conceived
And when it's time to die I hope the pub is where I'm found,
And I hope I go before I have to buy another round!



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