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Cyclone Mcclusky Lyrics

Twinkling lights come into view as the night swallows the day
We listen for the sounds, the screams, the fear and the fun
to guide us on our way
The barker shouts, into his megaphone, “Step right up and gather ‘round
Two nickels buys a ticket, the Carnival’s in town!”

We’re going ‘round, ‘round, ‘round, wheels on the wall
Round, round, round, we’re not gonna fall
Round, round, round, we’re all living for another day
We’ll ride another day

We’re not here for the cotton candy, we’re here for the gasoline
Were waiting for the show to begin then we’ll all hustle in
To hear the roar of his machine
McClusky waves at a pretty girl, blows a kiss, we hold our breath
He’s Cyclone McClusky and he’s gonna ride the wall of death


Will McClusky live? (or will he die?)
I paid to watch him fall (or maybe watch him fly)
I’ve been afraid to live (I’ve been afraid to try)
But if the Cyclone can do it, then maybe so can I

Now the midway’s empty, the ground’s gone bare and cold
I still can hear the cheers, the screams, the squeal of the wheels
like when I was ten years old
It echoes on, it’ll never die, I won’t let go ‘til my last breath
I’m living like the Cyclone and I’m riding on the wall of death



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