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 1. Atif Aslam
 2. Justin Bieber
 3. Taylor Swift
 4. Eminem
 5. Drake
 6. Rihanna
 7. One Direction
 8. Pink
 9. Akon
 10. Pitbull
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Album: Sin And Bones - 2012
New Songs - Fozzy : Sin And Bones
Album: Chasing The Grail - 2010
New Songs - Fozzy : Chasing The Grail
Broken Soul
God Pounds His Nails
Let The Madness Begin
Martyr No More
New Day's Dawn
Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th)
Pray For Blood
Under Blackened Skies
Watch Me Shine
Album: All That Remains - 2005
New Songs - Fozzy : All That Remains
All That Remains
Born Of Anger
Daze Of The Week
It's A Lie
Nameless Faceless
The Test
The Way I Am
Album: Happenstance - 2002
New Songs - Fozzy : Happenstance
Balls To The Wall
Big City Nights
Crucify Yourself
Freewheel Burning
L.O.V.E. Machine
Mob Rules
To Kill A Stranger
Where Eagles Dare
Whitechapel 1888
With The Fire
Album: Fozzy - 2000
New Songs - Fozzy : Fozzy
Eat The Rich
End Of Days
Feel The Burn
Live Wire
Over The Mountain
Riding On The Wind
Stand Up And Shout
Stay Hungry

Other songs
Break The Walls Down
Daze Of The Weak
The Mob Rules
The Prisoner

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