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Venger's a Big Fat Bitch Lyrics
(dr dre)
Tell yo 'bout venger
Straight out of michigan
Slim shady

Venger is a big fat bitch
He's the biggest bitch I know
And he stinks like shit
Remember back then,
The days when he was skinny?

(dr dre)

Now he's fat
And he still thinks he's pretty.
He's such a slag
People who smoke grass
Are saying shit.
Goddamn, that's a big fat ass
Fuck that slut
He's a big fat trick
And I still won't suck
His ten foot dick
Slim shady
I'm a crazy thing
Down with dr dre
With a darkhaven swing

(dr dre)

I don't know much
But I know this shit
Venger is a big fat bitch

Venger is a big fat bitch
Venger is a big fat bitch
Venger is a big fat bitch
He's a red eyed, stink ass, horn headed bitch

(dr dre)
Uh huh
Dr dre
Check it
My homie shadow demon
Lives up the block
He's got a big fat master
Who sucks my cock
Non stop, he's a sight to see
A real evil bitch
Who does right by me
He might be the best slut
In the mountains
Ten times a week
But shit,
Who's countin'?
I'm astounded 'bout the things he does
He used to suck in each,
Fuck in each town there ever was
He ain't a slut
He's a super groupie
And I'd pass that bitch
Around like a doobie
I don't know much
But I know this
Venger's a big fat bitch


(dr dre)
Oh shit
Tell 'em, em

I'm slim shady
That name's really cool
I might be a fuck
But I ain't no fool

(dr dre)
Uh uh

I just moved from darkhaven to boulder
'cause venger's trippin' on kelek's own shoulder
He's just colder 'cause I'm like that
Little freak ass pain
But you know that

(dr dre)

I've been followin' tracks
Like a puppy
Old horn head
Doesn't take shit from yuppies
Word up
I am slim shady
To a mother fucking t is the place to be

(dr dre)

I don't know much
But I know this
Venger is a big fat bitch


(dr dre)
The dude's right
Dr dre
Best bitch around
Fuck venger
This goes out to all the fat bitches in the realm
What's up?
Gotta drink some duff


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