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GOAT Lyrics
Here it go
See this is the part I was worried about
Everybody thinks that my career was down the tubes
And I must be in some dusty garage
Inhalin' the carbon monoxide fumes
And everyone's tellin' me what I should do and how I should come out or what to rap about
And I know that I got a lot up in my medulla oblongata that I gotta get out
And I'm not sure how this is gonna come off
They're probably gonna think that I'm comin' off as cocky
Like I just started givin' a fuck what you really think about me:worship:
See the thing about me, is you don't really know a thing about me
Everyone's makin' a stink about me
Like it's some kind of a aura of that up that came around me
Surround me with nothin' but gangsters, killers and bangers


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