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Embrace It Lyrics

Where is the glory in the new me
Where is the feeling of achievement
In the shadows of the evening
Where is the satisfaction in your killing creed

Who am I now, I don't know
I must question my existence
And deal with your persistence
That somehow in some way you set me free

And I don't think that I can take another night of these instincts that I fight

This overwhelming dread of feeling damned inside
Oh God help us, just look at you
You're shrinking away from my point of view
Showering me with your pious plane
The gift that I give is exempt from shame

Embrace it, embrace it
Make no mistake, these dismal traits
Are temporary ties to everlasting life
Embrace it, embrace it

You seek my trust after the lies
But in this superficial splendor
The decades will seem endless
Or will the drudgery of torment be my bride

What lies are these of what you speak
Are you so blinded by contrition
That you sense in me ambitions
And a failure to practice what I preach

And I don't think I can take another night of your countenance in sight

The wilted flower act who shuns the vampire's bite
Oh God belp me, just look at you
Striding through Hell with nothing to prove
A glorious ghost on infinity's fuse
Then if it's to be, tell me what I should do

[repeat chorus]

So God help us to see it through
Two of Lucifer's angels are on the loose
Oh merciful and majestic boy
This gift I bestow was to be enjoyed

[repeat chorus]


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