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 1. Atif Aslam
 2. Justin Bieber
 3. Taylor Swift
 4. Eminem
 5. Drake
 6. Rihanna
 7. One Direction
 8. Pink
 9. Akon
 10. Pitbull
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Album: Live - 2000
3,000 Miles
All Things Being The Same
Angel in Manhattan
Autobiography of a Pistol
Changing Your Name
Conversation With a Ghost
Did Galileo Pray?
Here She Is
Look at The Wind Blow
Love's Too Familiar a Word
Maria's Beautiful Mess
Martyr's Lounge
Never Lived at All
Seize The Day
Take Me Down
The World Ain't Slowin' Down
Tornado Girl!
When We Begin
Album: Carnival of Voices - 1996
All My Heroes Were Junkies
Deliver Me
Lay Your Wager Down
Midnight Strikes Too Soon
Never Lived at All
Paris in a Day
Self Portrait
The Ball is Coming Down
Trolley Car
Album: Say Something - 1992
Conversation With a Ghost
Friday Night
Jumpin' a Train
Just The Jester Fool
Look at The Wind Blow
New Light on Your Halo
Say Something
Thin Man
Washington Dc 5/91
Album: Stories - 1992
3,000 Miles
All Things Being The Same
Autobiography of a Pistol
Don't Breathe
Here She Is
King of 7th Avenue
Last at The Table
Last Call
Looking for My Friends

Other songs
Bring Me Backwards
Did I Ever Know You
I Won't Cry Over You
I'm The One to Save
Live in The Now
She Loves a Girl
Translucent Soul

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