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Album: Let's Get Physical - 2008
New Songs - Elephant Man : Let's Get Physical
Drop Dead
Feel The Steam
Five-O (Remix)
Gully Creepa
Our World
Sweep The Floor
The Way We Roll (Remix)
Throw Your Hands Up
Album: Good 2 Go - 2003
New Songs - Elephant Man : Good 2 Go
All Out
Bad Man
Bun Down / Stop Hitch
Fan Dem Off
Fuck You Sign
Head Gone / Wine Up Uh Self
Indian Gal
Jook Gal (Wine, Wine)
Mexican Girl
Nah Gwan A Jamaica
Pon De River Pon De Bank
Signal De Plane
Album: Higher Level - 2002
New Songs - Elephant Man : Higher Level
Egyptian Dance
Elephant Message
Higher Level
No Hail Mi
Album: Log On - 2001
New Songs - Elephant Man : Log On
Bad Gal, Bad Man
Log On
Album: Comin' 4 You - 2000
New Songs - Elephant Man : Comin' 4 You
Bow City
Bun It
What's Up?

Other songs
Boom Boom Man
Chaka Chaka
Crazy Hype
Dance N Sweep
Dancing Gym
Dat U Fi Run
Deep Down
Dutty Wine
Father Elephant
Gal Bruk
Gal Fight Over Me
Gangsta Rock
Get On Up
Horny Wine
Jook Gal
Jook Gal (Remix)
Jook Gal (Remix) [feat. JBo, Sean Paul & Twista]
Jook Gal (Remix) [feat. JBo, Sean Paul & Twista]
Jook Gal (Wine Wine Remix)
Jook Gal (Wine Wine) (coolie Dance Riddim Remix)
Nuh Linga
Pon De River, Pon De Bank
Reggae Bump Bump
Scooby Doo
Sesame Street
Sweep 2
The Pain
Walk Out
War War War
What's Up
Willie Bounce
Worst I Ever Had
Yippie Yow
Yippy Yow

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