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Find A Way Lyrics
It used to be that we would be the best of all friends
It turned to be l-o-v-e and I was your man
So, you where my lady friend, we'd spen time
Found a way to be by your side

Through the ins, the outs, the wrongs and rights
After a while of being settled down, I didn' know how
To keep the love, 'cause I was you
I wish I knew then what I know now

I wouldn' have let you go
I swear I would have make this love grow
I spent a lot of time and a lot of dough
Trying to match what we had and now I...

I was hopin' we could find a way
To have what we had again today
Though it's been some time since you and I
It wouldn't hurt to try, to find our love

Wish that I would've known the treasures I'd found
I did know, until you left, I loved your smile
Just the other day, your girls said that you can't stand me
I know you don't mean that, can't we
Just slow down a minute and talk it out

I've been through my share of love since then
Don't know about what you've been through
But nothing compares to what we had
All I know is I need you back
Baby, let's try again to find our love


I can't forget, the times we shared
Didn't know love until love was gone
Til' I moved on and now I'm right back to square one again

[CHORUS: repeat]


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