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Album: The Book Of David - 2011
New Songs - Dj Quik : The Book Of David
Boogie Till You Conk Out
Fire And Brimstone
Ghetto Rendezvous
Luv Of My Life
Time Stands Still
Album: BlaQKout - 2009
New Songs - Dj Quik : BlaQKout
9x's Outta 10
Do You Know
Fuck Y'all (2nd II None, Amg & Hi-C Diss)
Jupiter's Critic & The Mind Of Mars
Problem: The B Stands For Beautiful
Album: Trauma - 2005
New Songs - Dj Quik : Trauma
Black Mercedes
Catch 22
Get Down
Get Up
Indiscretions In The Back Of The Limo
Intro For Roger
Jet Set
Ladies & Thugs
Til Jesus Comes
Album: Under Tha Influence - 2002
New Songs - Dj Quik : Under Tha Influence
50 Ways
Birdz & Da Beez
Come 2Nyte
Get Loaded
Get Tha Money
Gina Statuatorré
Murda 1 Case
Oh Well
One On 1
Sex Crymee
Tha Proem
Album: Balance & Options - 2000
New Songs - Dj Quik : Balance & Options
Change Da Game
Did Y'All Feel Dat?
Do I Love Her?
Do Wutcha Want
How Come?
I Don't Wanna Party Wit U
Pitch In On A Party
Quikker Said Than Dunn
Speak On It
U Ain't Fresh!
We Came 2 Play
Album: Rhythm-Al-Ism - 1998
New Songs - Dj Quik : Rhythm-Al-Ism
Bombudd II
Down, Down, Down
Get 2Getha Again
Hand In Hand
I Useta Know Her
Medley For A "V" (The Party Medley)
No Doubt
So Many Wayz
Thinkin' Bout U
We Still Party
Whateva U Do
You'z A Ganxta
Album: Safe + Sound - 1995
New Songs - Dj Quik : Safe + Sound
Can I Eat It?
Diggin' U Out
Dollaz + Sense
Get At Me
Itz Your Fantasy
Keep Tha "P" In It
Let You Havit
Safe + Sound
Somethin' 4 Tha Mood
Street Level Entrance
Sucka Free
Summer Breeze
Tha Ho In You
Album: Way 2 Fonky - 1992
New Songs - Dj Quik : Way 2 Fonky
America'z Most Complete Artist
Jus Lyke Compton
Let Me Rip Tonite
Me Wanna Rip Your Girl
Mo' Pussy
Niggaz Still Trippin'
No Bullshit
Only Fo' Tha Money
Way 2 Fonky
When You're A Gee
Album: Quik Is The Name - 1991
New Songs - Dj Quik : Quik Is The Name
8 Ball
Born And Raised In Compton
I Got That Feelin'
Laked Out Hood
Quik Is The Name
Sweet Black Pussy
Tear It Off
Tha Bombudd

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Are You a Gangsta
Balance Options[Outro]
Can't Fuck Wit A Nigga
It's Like Everyday
Jus Lyke Compton (Clean)
Pacific Coast (Remix)
The Maze
Trouble (Remix)
What They Think

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