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Album: The World Is A Thorn - 2010
New Songs - Demon Hunter : The World Is A Thorn
Blood In The Tears
Descending Upon Us
Driving Nails
Feel As Though You Could
Just Breathe
Shallow Water
The World Is A Thorn
This Is The Line
Tie This Around Your Neck
Album: Storm The Gates Of Hell - 2007
New Songs - Demon Hunter : Storm The Gates Of Hell
A Thread Of Light
Carry Me Down
Fading Away
Fiction Kingdom
Follow The Wolves
Grand Finale
I Am You
Lead Us Home
No Reason To Exist
Storm The Gates Of Hell
The Wrath Of God
Album: The Triptych - 2005
New Songs - Demon Hunter : The Triptych
Fire To My Soul
Not I
One Thousand Apologies
Relentless Intolerance
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
The Flame That Guides Us Home
The Science Of Lies
The Soldier's Song
The Tide Began To Rise
Album: Summer Of Darkness - 2004
New Songs - Demon Hunter : Summer Of Darkness
Annihilate The Corrupt
Beauty Through The Eyes Of A Predator
Coffin Builder
Everything Was White
I Play Dead
Less Than Nothing
My Heartstrings Come Undone
Not Ready To Die
Our Faces Fall Apart
Summer Of Darkness
The Latest And The Last
Album: Demon Hunter - 2002
New Songs - Demon Hunter : Demon Hunter
A Broken Upper Hand
And The Sky Went Red
As We Wept
I Have Seen Where It Grows
My Throat Is An Open Grave
Screams Of The Undead
The Gauntlet
Through The Black
Turn Your Back And Run

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