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Album: Demi - 2013
New Songs - Demi Lovato : Demi
Fire Starter
Give Your Heart A Break
I Hate You Don't Leave Me
In Case
Made In The Usa
Neon Lights
Never Been Hurt
Really Don't Care
Shouldn't Come Back
Something That We're Not
Two Pieces
Without Love
Album: Unbroken - 2011
New Songs - Demi Lovato : Unbroken
All Night Long
Fix A Heart
For The Love Of A Daughter
Give Your Heart A Break
Hold Up
In Real Life
My Love Is Like A Star
Skyscraper (Wizz Dumb Remix)
Skyscraper Remix
Who's That Boy
You're My Only Shorty
Album: The Best Days Of My Life - 2010
Come In With The Rain
Different Summers
Get Your Party On
Hillbilly Love
Make A Wave
What To Do
Album: Sonny With A Chance - 2010
New Songs - Demi Lovato : Sonny With A Chance
Come Down With Love
How We Do This
Kiss Me
Me, Myself And Time
Sing A Song For You
So Far So Great (Theme Song)
Sure Feels Like Love
What To Do
Work Of Art
Album: Camp Rock 2 - 2010
New Songs - Demi Lovato : Camp Rock 2
Can't Back Down
Album: Princess Protection Program - 2009
New Songs - Demi Lovato : Princess Protection Program
One And The Same
Album: Don't Forget (Exclusive Version) - 2009
Behind Enemy Lines
Lo Que Soy
Album: Here We Go Again - 2009
New Songs - Demi Lovato : Here We Go Again
Catch Me
Every Time You Lie
Everything You're Not
Falling Over Me
Gift Of A Friend
Got Dynamite
Here We Go Again
Here We Go Again Remix
Remember December
So Far So Great
So Far, So Great
Stop The World
U Got Nothin On Me
U Got Nothin' On Me
World Of Chances
Album: This Is Me [Acoustic Full Version] [Single] - 2008
New Songs - Demi Lovato : This Is Me [Acoustic Full Version] [Single]
This Is Me [Acoustic Full Version]
Album: Demi Lovato - 2008
Back Around
One Two Three Four (Goodbye)
Album: Camp Rock - 2008
New Songs - Demi Lovato : Camp Rock
Our Time Is Here
This Is Me
This Is Me/Gotta Find You
We Rock
Album: Don't Forget - 2008
New Songs - Demi Lovato : Don't Forget
Back Around
Behind Enemy Lines
Believe In Me
Don't Forget
Get Back
Gonna Get Caught
La La Land
Lo Que Soy
Me, Myself And Time
On The Line
The Middle
Train Wreck
Two Worlds Collide
Until You're Mine

Other songs
1, 2, 3 Goodbye
1, 2, 3, Goodbye
Bee Song
Behind Enemies Lines
Behind The Enemy Line
Belive In Me
Brand New Day
Brand New Days
Can't Stop The World
Day Dream
Demi Lovato- Yes I Am
Different Summer
Don´t Forget
Don´t forget
Everytime You Lie
Get Back (2)
Get Caught
Gif Of A Friend
Got My Girls
Gotta Find You
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
High School Miserable
How Does She Know
How To Love
I Can Only Imagine
I Hate You Don't Leave
I Still Hear Your Voice
It's Not Too Late
It's Not Too Late (camp Rock 2 Soundtrack)
Kiss This
La La Land Remix
Lala Land
Lo Que Soy (This Is Me)
Make A Wave Ft. Joe Jonas
Me Myself And Time
Moves Me
Next To Me
Not Yet
One And The Same (avec Selena Gomez)
One And The Same (feat. Selena Gomez)
One In The Same
Our Time Is Here
Queen Bee
Send It On
Shut Up And Love Me
Sing My Song For You
Sonny With A Chance
That's How You Know
The Christmas Song
This Is Me (version Acoustique)
This Is Me-camp Rock
This Is Our Song
This Is Real
Two Worlds
Until You´re Mine
Until you´re mine
We'll Be A Dream
We'll Be A Dream (with Travis Clark)
Who Will I Be
Why Don't You Love Me
Why Don't You Love Me?
Wonderful Christmas Time
World Oh Chances
Wouldn't Change A Thing
Wouldn‘t change a thing
Wouldn´t Change A Thing
Xx This Is Me XX
Yes I Am
You Got Nothin' On Me
You're My Favorite Song

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