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New World Order Lyrics

Darkness no longer, a child is born
mother shed tears of joy as baby test his lungs
My daddy´s not there, where he ought to be
somewhere in Georgia skinning and shotting craps on his knees
Another victim born out here in the hood
And based on statistics it really ain´t all good
Welfare takes the tab and daddy can´t sign
And can´t be seen, the family becomes a crime
The hunt is on and brother you´re the prey
Serving time in jail, it just ain´t the way
I´m living so hard baby that my hair is gray
We got to make a change, it´s a brand new day

A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race
A new world order, a brand new day
A change of mind for the human race

Operation influx and it´s on the way
We just marched a million plus the other day
Look we all witnessed the sweat rolling down Ms Liberty´s head
She knows the sleeping giant is no longer sleeping dead
Oh what a fulfillment of prophecy
Let us teach the children freedom´s never been free
It´s okay to cry, go ahead and cry
´Cause Jesus wept but hope and faith he kept
It´s a new day


The die has been cast and there´s no need to fear
´Cause people, the answer to your prayers are here
Sister Mary don´t you weep and tell Martha not to moan
We need the love and daddy´s coming home
There´s no need to worry, the times dictate a plan
Mother Earth´s given birth to a brand new man
Sister I know you´re misunderstood
But hold on to your man ´cause the future looks good
It´s a new day


Beware of the lies and false prophecies
We are many with eyes but don´t all really see
You must be merciful my friend to obtain the same
So if you break the chain don´t pass the blame
We should say unto all and I´ll say it again
It´s not just to win, shake a hand, make a friend
We who are pure at heart somehow might see
There´s still light in the world, come rejoice with me
It´s a new day



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