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Billions Lyrics

[feat. Deelow]

Uh billions in the bank account, all I thank about
I get it in there before they take me out
Niggas mumbling, the fuck is they talking bout?
Who had the illest cars in the parking lot?
Bottles popped birds flock tho why not
We the last live niggas left, money power respect
Keys to the jet, Jordan number 5 in my bathing ape sweats
Bulls 91 shoot around shirt, Mitchell and Ness
Bitch says call her cinnamon, I just say, say bitch
And she gettin in that, yes!
Squares get tangled in the game like a net
She will be going in her purse next
Hard on em cause I don't ever let em rest
Either get paid or, outta my way

Billions and billions
We stackin
Billions and billions [x3]

[Styles P:]
I'm thinking of the billions and shit
Mad high off the weed Daz Dillinger lit
Every crime story I'm the villain in it
Ride around with dirty niggas that-ll deal in the whip
Work in the box
With something that-ll get a nigga murked in the box
And some purp in the box
Yeah you take the bub but you don't burp it alot
Fuck around with dirty niggas that-ll worship the glock
I'm dollar bill green and weed green
I ain't green with envy cause that ain't no g theme
You damn right I'm a G boy!
B boy
D boy
Body for the decoy
Everything I touch gone glow Bruce Leeroy
Creeping through the hood in the coupe like I'm peenoid
Mom cleared bubble like a [?]
Old school nigga throw a key on a ski-sort

Billions and billions
We stackin
Billions and billions [x3]


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