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5th Element Lyrics
[Chorus: x2]
It's the 5th element
Never repetitive
Highly competitive
Classy and elegant
I'm gettin' busier can't you tell
I got the rhymes that sound so well.

[Verse 1: Classified]
I got no time to waste
Back at it time to embrace
Kid is too nice I aint fallin' back on my face
I figured it out, yeah guess I'm crackin' the case
And I aint slowin' up in fact I'm detachin' the brace
So, believe me when I say it I aint gunna' take no
Shit from no man especially from no assholes
Class is too much I flex words like muscle
And I aint I hustler but I'm livin' off my hustle
Diggin' in the crates, renewin the track
Went from rapper who produce to producer who raps
Kid, respect drive if you don't respect rhymes
We all got a taste but I stood the test of time.


[Verse 2: Classified]
And ever since I started movin' up
And popped of his class(?)
I've been getting more attention and offered more ass
Listen, love women, can't stand sluts
Medias fucked, irritating all of the above
My flow aint pretty, rhymes aint gritty
I'm in between, from the country livin' in the city
And record labels never saw a thing in me
But I enjoy that a thousand kids sing with me
A modern day hippie, yeah changin' up the norm
Smoke dope, you can say I'm bakin' up a storm
Dress like I'm 16 spit like a pro
Wear the same clothes in every video and every second show
This is me, try to do it comfortably
Lazy as hell but I run my own company
And most music, really I despise it
But I hate on everything I even hate most of my shit.

[Chorus x2]

C'mon, classified, class, class, ified
Classified, class, class, ified

Classified, class, class, ified
Classified, class, class, ified

[Verse 3: Classified]
Hip hop aint the same
I remember parents used to hate it
But hip hop is grown up and now parents play it
Everybody and the grandmother love rap now
And everybody and the grandmother try to rap now
I'm a fan but I'm loosin' my cool
Cuz every rapper that I hear keep abusing their tools
You can't make an album with 12 battle tracks
When your punch lines are wack
And you can't make hyenas laugh..
Most rappers don't like me I can live with it
Dis me on your record cuz really I don't give a shit
Say that I'm a sellout
Call my beats commercial
It's only music man I don't take none of it personal.

[Chorus x2]


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