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The Great Wall Lyrics
Forces of imperialism are at hand
Too much resistance to take a stand
One million dead, how many more?
What does it take to not be ignored?
At the forefront of the freedom fight
An electric cattle prod with a stinging bite
Inmates raped, for their blood
Which comes next, storms or the floods?
Persecuted because of the Mantras
Temples burnt down by the Contras
No where to run, no where to hide
It's hard to tell who's on your side

Back in '87 two raised the flag
Chinamen come in with the body bags
Chants of independence became clear
It ain't what Mao wanted to hear
So the red flag smothers all
Waiting just waiting for the last to fall
For fear of the domino theory,
Not in our best interest
Favored trade treaty promotes the incest

So tear down all these walls,
Before they kill us all
Tear down all these walls,
Liberty and justice for all
Burn down all your flags,
In turn great walls will fall
And as society calls liberty and justice for all

It ain't no joke
Police cover up criticism with pistol smoke
Kids made to shoot their parents and
Their preachers
Who cares about the death of another teacher?
Ancient scrolls burned more than
Twelve hundred years old
Stolen possession of temples
Auctioned off and sold
China puts on a mask to look humane
Underneath the mask one hell of a lot of pain

Tear down these walls, before they kill us all
Tear down these walls!


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