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Album: Back In The Saddle - 2011
I Got My Country On
Album: My Life's Been A Country Song - 2008
New Songs - Chris Cagle : My Life's Been A Country Song
Change Me
I Don't Wanna Live
If It Isn't One Thing
It's Good To Be Back
Keep Me From Loving You
Little Sundress
My Heart Move On
My Life's Been A Country Song
Never Ever Gone
No Love Songs
What Kinda Gone
Album: Anywhere But Here - 2005
New Songs - Chris Cagle : Anywhere But Here
Anywhere But Here
Hey Y'all
I Was Made For You
I'd Find You
Miss Me Baby
Wal-Mart Parking Lot
Wanted Dead Or Alive
When I Get There
You Might Want To Think About It
You Still Do That To Me
Album: Chris Cagle - 2003
New Songs - Chris Cagle : Chris Cagle
Growin' Love
I Love It When She Does That
I'd Be Lying
It Takes Two
Just Love Me
Look At What I've Done
Look What I Found
Night On The Country
What A Beautiful Day
Album: Play It Loud - 2000
New Songs - Chris Cagle : Play It Loud
Are You Ever Gonna Love Me
Country By The Grace Of God
I Breathe In, I Breathe Out
Lovin' You Lovin' Me
My Love Goes On And On
Play It Loud
Rock The Boat
The Love Between A Woman And A Man
The Safe Side
Ton Of Love
Who Needs The Whiskey

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