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Album: Hate It Or Love It - 2007
New Songs - Chingy : Hate It Or Love It
All Aboard (Ride It)
Check My Swag
Fly Like Me
Gimme Dat
How We Feel
Lovely Ladies
Roll On 'Em
Spend Some $
Album: Hoodstar - 2006
New Songs - Chingy : Hoodstar
Bounce That
Dem Jeans
Intro (Ridin' Wit Me)
Let Me Luv U
Let's Ride
Pullin' Me Back
U A Freak (Nasty Girl)
Album: Powerballin' - 2004
New Songs - Chingy : Powerballin'
All The Way To St. Lou
Balla Baby
Balla Baby (Remix)
Bring Da Beef
Don't Really Care
Don't Worry
Give Em Some Mo
Haters 101 (Intro)
I Do
Jackpot The Pimp Pt. 2 (Skit)
Leave Wit Me
We Clubbin'
We Do
Wurr Da Git It Gurlz At
Album: Jackpot - 2003
New Songs - Chingy : Jackpot
Bagg Up
Chingy Jackpot
Fuck Dat Nigga (Skit)
Gettin' It
He's Herre
Holidae In
Jackpot the Pimp (Skit)
Madd @ Me
One Call Away
Right Thurr
Right Thurr (Remix)
Sample Dat Ass
Wurrs My Cash

Other songs
Down Thru Durr
Mobb Wit Me
Shorty (Put It On The Floor)

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